Community groups

Living Links is on its way to creating and improving the social and environmental connections across Melbourne’s south east by working with councils, government agencies, community groups and corporate organisations.

Living Links is working to make this landscape a world-class urban ecosystem benefitting residents, businesses, visitors and the environment.

To continue this work, we need your support!

If you are a community group which values the environmental and social health of the Living Links area, then we want to partner with you.

Community groups already involved with Living Links are listed on our Partners page.

Community groups can get involved in Living Links in various ways including:

Contact us

Community groups interested in joining the Living Links effort can contact the Living Links coordinator on 8781 7900 to discuss the  opportunities and your aspirations.

Propose a new Living Links project

If you are undertaking projects that contribute to Living Links, or you have a project idea that you would like to see happen in the future, then go to the Propose a new project page and complete the details.

Details of your current or completed projects will be included in the Projects under way or completed page and the interactive map to show how it contributes to the bigger picture.

Details of your new project idea will be considered for inclusion in the prospectus of Future projects and effort will go to securing funding and/or other support for the project.

Conduct an activity or event under the Living Links banner

There are oppoirtunities for community groups and Living Links to partner in the running of community events such as planting days.

Many hands will make light work in running events and there will also be profile-raising benefits for everyone involved.

Spread the word to your local community

You can help Living Links by promoting it within your community group and within your local community.

Similarly, Living Links can promote the work of your group through this website and through its regular newsletter and at its community events.