Propose A New Living Links Project

9 March 2017

Complete the application form

To have a new project listed as part of Living Links you must complete the application form below. By clicking the submit button the proposal is sent directly to the Living Links Coordinator for assessment.

Assessment of proposal

An assessment of the proposal in then undertaken by the Living Links Committee at the next Coordination Committee meeting. These are held on a quarterly basis.

The Living Links Committee will assess the proposal against Living Links attributes and a decision regarding the proposal will be reached.

In order to be approved Living Links proposals must gain a unanimous agreement vote and or recieve no objections amongst the Living Links Committee members.


Once the Living links Committee has made its decision, the Living Links Coordinator will undertake one of the following:

  1. Successful proposal – The applicant will be notified and the project will be added to Living Links
  2. Unsuccessful proposal – the applicant will notified and the project will not be listed

However the proposal can be amended and re-submitted in order to gain approval.