What We Do

Bringing the Living Links vision to reality involves many people working together.

Some of the important work that is occurring:

Many organisations undertaking projects that contribute to the big vision

Living Links is a big vision for a large area – but it is being achieved by undertaking many smaller individual projects.

The Councils, Government agencies and community groups in the Living Links area are each undertaking projects that will, over time, add up to create and improve the links across Melbourne’s south-east.

More detail is included on the Projects under way and completed page.

Bringing new funds into the Living Links area

A prospectus of projects that can contribute to Living Links is being maintained.

The prospectus is being used to seek and secure funds from government initiatives, corporate sponsors, philanthropists and other sources.

More detail is included on the Future projects page.

Involving the community

Various community events are being conducted under the Living Links banner to raise community awareness, increase community understanding and directly involve community members in Living Links activities.

More detail on upcoming events is available on the Volunteers page.

Monitoring progress and reporting to the public

The progress and achievements of Living Links is monitored and regularly reported upon.

A Report Card is produced annually.

More detail is available on the Living Links Report Card page.