A day in the field

Our Living Links coordinator, Sarah, recently spent a day in the field visiting some of the revegetation sites being undertaken through the ‘Transforming the Dandenong Creek‘ project. It was fantastic to see how well all the trees are growing, and to catch up with some of the great people who are making it all happen on the ground. Below are a selection of photos from the day:

Sarah with Ryan from the City of Casey


Felicity from the City of Greater Dandenong (CGD), with the very first tree planted by CGD through the ‘Transforming the Dandenong Creek’ project (18 months after planting). The Dandenong Creek is visible to the left.


The same tree shortly after planting back in Winter 2017


Craig and Derek from the City of Maroondah with revegetation plantings along Dandenong Creek


The same site approximately one year ago (8 months after planting)