Thinking outside the box to get plants in

Here in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne, we’re just coming into the autumn-winter planting season, when the vast majority of our revegetation work is scheduled for best success. Thousands of indigenous plants have been grown and are now ready for planting. But with community planting days cancelled and the usual army of volunteers unable to participate, how are all those precious plants going to make it into the ground?

This question is being pondered by land managers right across the region and beyond. Many are doubling down their efforts and doing the best they can with the resources they have, and we salute their amazing commitment and dedication to this important work.

It’s also fantastic to see creative new solutions emerging. In the City of Greater Dandenong, for example, parking inspectors have been re-deployed as a tree-planting crew! Given they don’t currently have much of their normal work to do, this is not only keeping them employed, it’s also ensuring crucial revegetation work stays on track. And it sounds like they’re quite enjoying this new (and very different!) work. Environmental Engagement Officer, Kirstine Oh (pictured) said that many of them have expressed surprise at how many beautiful reserves there are in the municipality, and that they’re loving spending time in nature.

What a great outcome for everyone involved!

Environmental Engagement Officer, Kirstine Oh, doing revegetation work with some of the re-deployed parking inspectors.